Pregnany 2nd trimester

Hi all, I’m back with another update on my pregnancy.  Having just entered the third trimester I thought I would let you know how the past 12 weeks have been.

For me it has definitely been the best trimester 🙂  I got my energy back at around 14 weeks, the tiredness slowed, which made me feel a lot better. I had the pregnancy glow too and my skin went really clear and had a smooth looking complexion.

I still didn’t start to show until around 19 weeks before, then I just felt like I looked like had put weight on and certain clothes didn’t fit me anymore as they weren’t as comfy.  I was wanting to show so much as it makes it seem so much more real and once you have told people you find people will keep asking are you showing yet!

Having some of the baby apps I have found really useful as they all give you different information.  The ones I have been using are: BabyCentre, Bounty, Emma’s Diary, Pregnancy+, Aptaclub – I love having the updates each week of how big baby is, or what feature or sense has now developed. 

Sleeping throughout my second trimester has been quite good and I haven’t been too uncomfy.  I haven’t needed to but any maternity clothes, I just bought some pants for work in the next size up and some maternity tights as my others felt more tight on my stomach now there is a little baby growing inside!  But apart from that I’ve done quite well.  My bras did start becoming very uncomfortable after about 16 weeks so I needed to buy some bigger sizes.

The 12 – 20 week scan wait seems like a lifetime!  All I wanted to do was to see my baby to know everything was going ok and was growing well.  We was also so excited to find out the sex.  When the day finally came it was so nice to see that he was growing well and he was healthy.  (yes we are having a baby boy!)

I was 22 weeks when he finally moved and it felt like bubble popping inside my tummy.  It really is the best feeling in the world.  It’s a shame for my partner as he couldn’t feel anything yet as the movements were so small, but was another reassuring point that he was doing well in there and growing well.

It was a few weeks later when my partner felt him move and it was such a lovely experience for us both.  Now he doesn’t stop wriggling about 🙂

I also decided to have my baby shower towards the end of my 2nd trimester as I wanted to be able to really enjoy some time with the girls and celebrate our little baby without feeling tired, or too big and uncomfortable, and I am really glad I did.  Also with me being due around Christmas the later I left it I knew people would have other plans etc so the timings worked out really well.  We had it at my house and it was all planned by my best friend.  It was a nice fun day filled with games and giggles.  Just what I wanted it to be.  My friends and family got me some amazing gifts for baby which was so nice.

Onto the third trimester next and as I am writing this I am starting to feel the effects!!  Follow me on Instagram (Hayley_p89) or Twitter (@princesshailz1) to keep upto date and to know when my next blog post will be live.

Pregnancy…First Trimester

We’re having a baby! 🙂 

Finding out you are pregnant can be scary, exciting, worrying…a mixture of emotions depending on whether it was planned or not.  Don’t worry whatever you feel as there is lots of help and other people that will be in your situation.

When we found out I was expecting we was excited, scared, nervous…we had been planning to have a baby and trying for a while so even though it wasn’t unexpected news it became a lot more real.

I did a pregnancy test 4 days in a row and the line was getting darker each day which confirmed my pregnancy.

I was about 4 weeks when we found out.  We had a scan at 8 weeks so we got to see the baby early and know that it was growing well.  We got to see the tiny heartbeat too.

From about 5 weeks my boobs were tender and I was feeling more tired than normal.

From 6 weeks the sickness started.  I wasn’t sick but was feeling nauseous throughout the day.  I kept trying different things to help with the sickness but nothing really helped.  It subsided straight after eating for a while but then it came back.

In my 8th week it was really bad – there wasn’t a moment in the day I didn’t feel nauseous.

After my 8 week scan I found out I was almost 9 weeks so my due date had been brought forward. 

My best friend bought me a book (The day by day pregnancy book, by Dr Maggie Blott) when I told her I was pregnant and it has been a great help for me and my partner as there is new information to read each day and it keeps him involved in everything as your other half may start to feel left out as everything is about you and the baby.

I would recommend this book to anyone trying to conceive as it has helpful information in right from the start.

I also have a pregnancy planner that we complete together week by week to record appointments, how I am feeling and any cravings etc.  It is really good to keep a note of everything and gives you something to look forward to before the next scan or appointment.

I registered with my midwife at 6 weeks and had my booking appointment at 9 ½ weeks.

When registering with the midwife she runs through all medical history details etc and fills in your book which will be yours all throughout your pregnancy for all appointment notes to be documented.

I got my 12 week scan booked in and opted for the blood test for screening for Down’s, Edwards’ and Patau’s syndromes.  The blood test only lets you know if you are high or low risk but this is something my partner and I wanted to find out.

The scan went really well and at the end we got to take away a couple of pictures of our growing baby.

It was after our 12 week scan we decided to announce our news to the world.  


I feel I was quite lucky in my first trimester in that I had no physical sickness.  Some days I didn’t not want to get out of bed and felt so nauseous which is horrible but I managed to keep going!  Some days are really hard but I found getting up and getting some fresh air really helped.  I also had to eat little and often and although I didn’t really go off any food as such in a big way I found a few things that worked well for me (mainly carbs) ginger biscuits etc did not stop the sick feeling for me.

As we had quite a lot of social things going on over the next few weeks and a 2 week summer holiday we decided not to have an early scan to find out the gender.

To find out the next part of my journey and the gender of our little baby – look out for my second trimester update (or check out my Instagram for the details)

Barcelona Jan 2018


Early flight, so was up at 3.30am (always worth it though when going to the airport!)  got ourselves checked in and headed for some breakfast.  We was departing from Terminal 1 this time so a bit more choice than T3!

Once we boarded the plane we got a brew to give us a boost of energy and relaxed for the 2 hour flight.  When we landed in Barcelona the sun was shining and was nice and warm compared to the weather we had left behind in England!  I had booked a private transfer so we got our luggage and went to find our taxi.

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For Christmas Danny treated me to a 4 night break over New Year in Paris – I couldn’t contain my excitement.  I was planning for the days leading upto it the sights we would see, and getting recommendations on where to go from family and friends.  Keep reading to find out what we got upto and any recommendations.

For me a holiday starts at the airport – no matter what time it is.

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What I Got For Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

I hope it was amazing for you all and you got what you truly deserve.

I know these posts / videos are very popular so I wanted to share with you what I got for Christmas.

This will only be a short post and is in no way to brag, I know some people are a lot less fortunate and I am very lucky to have received all the lovely gifts that I did.

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September favourites

Micellar water wipes – Bodycare 99p pack of 25

I have been loving these recently.  I started using them in a morning to freshen my face removing all creams from the night before if I was in a rush or to remove any excess make up before my night time routine, and I have now started using them to remove my make up.  They are really fresh and not drying at all on your face and easily remove all make up.  I find they even remove all of my mascara and eyeliner.  They are really affordable at 99p for 25 wipes, and I find I only use one a day before washing my face.


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Holiday Diaries


Holiday Diaries July 2017

Protur Roquetas De Mar

Almeria, Spain

For our summer holiday this year we booked an 11 night stay in Southern Spain. We booked it through Thomson as we like to go all-inclusive so that all our drinks and food are included.  We don’t eat in the hotel in the evening as we like to venture out into the area and see what bars and restaurants are on offer.  We pay for all-inclusive so that we can enjoy a nice breakfast, lunch and snacks and can have drinks all day round the pool whether they are soft drinks, alcohol or a nice refreshing bottle of water to cool down. Continue reading “Holiday Diaries”