My Life…


Hi everyone. Thought I would share with you a little bit about my life and why I started my blog.

Since leaving college I have had a number of jobs from working in an office to qualifying as a nail technician and working for a short time in a salon. 

At the moment I am working for a recruitment agency full time and have been here for 5 years.  I do love my job and my blog is just for me to discuss my love of make-up, beauty products, and other things that I love with all you lovely people.  My boyfriend gets sick of me talking about make-up and always says that I have too much.  How can a girl have too much make up!  It’s like saying you can have too many shoes or handbags! (I love both!)

After watching soooo many you tube videos and reading lots of blogs I have learnt a lot about make-up and I have tried a lot of new products after hearing other people’s opinions, so thought it would be a great place to share my opinion with you all.

I share a lot of photos on my Instagram (along with a lot of selfies!) so go and follow my page   @princess_hailz

If there is anything you would like to me feature on here then let me know.  Or if you have a blog, comment below and I will go and check it out.

My blog is still in the process of me trying to figure out what to do and how to make it look as nice as I can, but if anyone else has any tips I will be more than grateful for you to share them with me.  I am going to try and post 2/3 times a month, so keep a look out for new posts.

Enough about me for now.  I will talk to you all soon in my next post xx





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