Holiday Diaries


Holiday Diaries July 2017

Protur Roquetas De Mar

Almeria, Spain

For our summer holiday this year we booked an 11 night stay in Southern Spain. We booked it through Thomson as we like to go all-inclusive so that all our drinks and food are included.  We don’t eat in the hotel in the evening as we like to venture out into the area and see what bars and restaurants are on offer.  We pay for all-inclusive so that we can enjoy a nice breakfast, lunch and snacks and can have drinks all day round the pool whether they are soft drinks, alcohol or a nice refreshing bottle of water to cool down.

When booking a holiday we look for a nice hotel with a good pool area and plenty of sun loungers as we love to lie by the pool all day and get a good tan. We work hard so when we go away we want to relax.

The hotel we stayed in was a 5* hotel and we couldn’t have asked for anything more.

The range of food that they offered was really good and there was always a chef on freshly cooking the meat at lunch or the eggs at breakfast. The hotel was clean, the staff were friendly and it had quite a modern feel to it from the outside and the reception area.  The alcoholic drinks on offer were branded spirits and the wine and prosecco was really nice too…which it often isn’t on the all-inclusive menu at a hotel.

The pool was an ovalish shape so not really for swimming lengths in and it was split into 3 different parts. There was one part of the pool that was just a normal pool, the other half of it was a Jacuzzi style pool with bubbles and water fountain feature with some beds to lie on with jets that came on also.  Then there was the best part were we spent most of our time which was the lazy river than went around both pools.  This was really relaxing and we got a noodle float to help us relaxing and float around.  It couldn’t have been better 🙂

If you want any more information on the hotel then leave me a comment below. I will give you a brief run through of some of how we spent our days and a few photos but if you want to see more then check them out on my Instagram J @princess_hailz

Day 1 was a long one!! We had to leave home at 2am Sunday morning so decided not to even go to bed.  We got to the airport at 3am parked the car and hopped on the shuttle bus to the terminal.  As we were travelling from T2 and the long stay car park was at T1 we then had to walk across the airport and the moving walkways (which weren’t working on our aside L ) to get to our terminal. Luckily it was really quiet and we checked our bags in and got through security in about 20 minutes.  I love the duty free and can’t help myself so I had to get some make up and new perfume.  It would be rude not too right?!!  We then got some breakfast and a coffee and waited to board the plane.  The flight went so quick as we slept for most of it.  It took off at 6.30am.  When we landed at Almeria the weather was HOT!!!!!  We grabbed our bags and got on the coach for the transfer to the hotel.  It was a 45 min drive.  After we had checked in at about 1.00pm we went straight down to the pool to catch some sun and cool down in the pool.  Got a nice refreshing drink and had some snacks.  Then we went and found a local Mexican next to the hotel to grab some food and a glass of wine before an early night.

For the next 11 days we spent it relaxing by the pool, topping up our tan and eating and drinking plenty! We found some lovely restaurants in the evening although we did fell that the area didn’t offer as many nice restaurants as we have had in previous holidays at other destinations so this did let it down a bit for us as we really enjoy eating out. 

The sea was right out of our back gate of the hotel and was lovely. Clean beach plenty of sun loungers and the sea wasn’t that cold!  The weather was in the 30’s for most of our stay reaching up to 38 degrees one day but with a nice breeze from the sea we was able to sit out in it all day. 



We went on one trip on our stay to Mini Hollywood. This is an old western style movie set where films like “The good, the bad and the ugly” were filmed.  We went later on it the day, had a look around the Zoo, watched and bird show, went into the saloon for the cancan girls show then watched the western show in the middle of the area.  We then had a BBQ and drinks included in our trip so spent the evening with some entertainment and line dancing.  It was a brilliant trip although in the middle of the desert in 40 degree heat and no wind was quite hard to walk around in, but we would recommend it if you ever go to Almeria.


We had an amazing 12 days and was sad to be going home, but time to plan our next holiday! I hope you enjoyed my review and let me know if you have ever been there in the comments below 🙂 XxX



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