Barcelona Jan 2018


Early flight, so was up at 3.30am (always worth it though when going to the airport!)  got ourselves checked in and headed for some breakfast.  We was departing from Terminal 1 this time so a bit more choice than T3!

Once we boarded the plane we got a brew to give us a boost of energy and relaxed for the 2 hour flight.  When we landed in Barcelona the sun was shining and was nice and warm compared to the weather we had left behind in England!  I had booked a private transfer so we got our luggage and went to find our taxi.

Our hotel was only a short 20 min ride from the airport and saw some sights along the way.  We were staying at The Mirror Hotel, which I would highly recommend.  On arrival the staff were very pleasant and spoke perfect English.  We got checked into our room and they gave us a map to help us navigate and highlighted some places to visit in our 4 day stay.

The concierge showed us to our room and talked us through the room, lighting shutters etc.

The hotel is full of mirrors, perfect for my partner and I as we love taking photos!

In the hotel there was also a mobile phone that was for us to use during our stay out and about in Barcelona, we could have used this for messages, calls and Facebook, but we just used it as google maps to help us navigate around the city.



We went for a stroll after unpacking and freshening up after the flight and found a beautiful Italian to have some lunch and sangria (my new favourite drink from the trip)

The sun was shining and about 12 degrees…perfect for a city break.

To end the first day we went back to the hotel for a shower and got changed then went to find somewhere to eat dinner and have a quiet evening as it had been quite a long day.


We walked down to the marina today which was about 30 minutes’ walk from the hotel.  On our way we walked past Gotic Quarter and stopped to see the buildings and take some photos.  This is where Gaudi’s cathedral is also.

The marina was beautiful and there was lots of yachts and a cruise liner sat in the dock which was nice to see.  From here you can also get a cable cart across the top of the city with some amazing views, we decided not to do this though on this trip.  We sat at a bar in front of the marina drinking sangria and watching the boats and helicopter rides go past.



On our walk back to the hotel we came across a Game of Thrones Exhibition.  We have both watched this on TV and Danny is a big fan so wanted to go and see what was in the exhibition.  We found another Italian for some lunch first as we hadn’t eaten much at breakfast so was really hungry.  The food in Barcelona is really nice and the sangria is made to perfection.

The exhibition was really good fun, it had a few bits where you could take photos and interact and it had a lot of the clothes worn by the cast and swords etc that they used in the films which was really interesting to see.

It didn’t take too long to get round it as it was really quiet (possibly as it was a Friday in January!) so we could take our time walking around and we didn’t have to queue up at all.



That evening we went to a lovely (but expensive) restaurant not far from our hotel called Boca Grande.  The food was amazing and the drinks were really nice.  We enjoyed a steak for 2 and it was definitely worth the money.  We also found a nice cocktail bar not too far away so we went to enjoy some cocktails.  The bar was really quiet but the restaurants were busy and probably what is expected for January, I can imagine in the summer the bars will be full of people both locals and tourists.

DAY 3 – Danny’s Birthday

I got up nice and early and went to get some Starbucks coffee and pastries from a local patisserie.  (I wouldn’t have got around without google maps!) and took it back to the hotel for us to enjoy in bed whilst he opened his gifts.

We then got ready for the day as we was going to Camp Nou for a tour around the stadium.  Unfortunately there was no games on this weekend but it was nice to go to the stadium anyway.

The stadium was a 45 minute walk from the hotel but in the sunshine and nice weather it wasn’t a bad walk.  We could have got a metro from near the hotel but we enjoy walking when we are away.

This wasn’t overly busy either at the time we went so we didn’t have to queue to get inside.  You are able to walk around on your own as it is all sign posted and taped off so you know the route to walk to see the stadium.  We got to go in the museum, sit in the stands and even sit in the seats at the front of the pitch where the managers and players sit.  I’m not that much into football myself but Danny is a big football fan so he loved spending his birthday here.

There was a lovely tapas restaurant outside the stadium ‘Tapas 24’ which we had a drink at before making the walk back to the hotel.  This took up most of our day as we was at the stadium for around 2 hours and the walk each way, but the sun was shining and we couldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else.

That night we went to the strip of bars and restaurants that was round the corner from the hotel and had a nice meal, we didn’t stay out too late as we had to be up in the morning to get checked out and back to the airport to return home.

We had an amazing time.  it was more relaxed than Paris and we didn’t do as much sightseeing but we will 100% return here in the future.

I hope you like my travel blogs and I will do more when we go away in the summer.

Thanks for reading…check out my instance for more pics



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