Night time skin care routine

It has taken me a while to get into a good routine each night, and although I do switch up my products, I have managed to get myself into a set routine each night.

If you don’t have a routine at night when removing your make up etc…why not?

I always used to take my make up off with a make up wipe and presume all the make up was off my face, and I never did more than that as I presumed it was enough.  I was shocked to discover how wrong I was!!

I have tried many different products and I have now got myself a few that I know work for my skin.

Facewipes I use are the Simple ones as they are really good for all skin types. My eyes are quite sensitive with some make up remover products but these are really soft and don’t irritate me at all.

For the removal of my make up I have been using the nuskin cleanser with a wet Body Shop smooth and renew loofah pad.  You only need a small amount of this product and it will remove your full face of make up.  It breaks down all the make upon your skin with just one wipe.  This is my skin when removing my make up.  I then wipe it all away with a damp face cloth. 

As i have Russian lashes I don’t go over my lashes with a cleanser as I don’t want to damage them so I will get a cotton pad with some micellar water to ensure there is no eye-shadow close to the lash line left on overnight.

I then tone my skin with the nuskin pH balance mattefying toner.  I have an oily t-zone so this product is perfect for me and helps control this. (If your skinks dry there is an alternative for dry skin). If i have any breakouts I will then use my body shop tea tree oil to treat any spots overnight ask find this helps to dry the out and clear the up faster.

The product for me that varies the most is my moisturiser.  I like to switch it up each week so I have a few that I use.  I have a tea tree oil one from body shop that if I find my skin is quite bad with breakouts I like to use this one.   I have recently picked up the L’Oreal Hydra Genius aloe water moisturiser and this is Amazing, it is a gel like texture and cooling on the skin.  Perfect for keeping your skin hydrated in the summer.  I have been using this in my morning routine too. The final moisturiser I have been using at the moment too is No7 luminate triple action night cream.  Although I have practically run out of this.  This is really hydrating on the skin and as I am getting older I do like using a cream that will lift, tighten or brightest the skin to make you look more youthful!

I do find I wake up with soft non oily skin in a morning when I follow my routine each night. It literally takes me 5minutes to do each night.

Every couple of days I also use the nuskin Glacial Marine Mud mask .this dries in 5 mins and clears your pores and tightens the skin, leaving it supersoft.  It washes off easily with water and is safe to use a few times a week which I love.

I really think all the above have helped my skin improve as I don’t breakout as much as I used to at all (even at that time of the month girls)

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I do sell the nuskin products so if you would like any more information on these please let me know.



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