Barcelona Jan 2018


Early flight, so was up at 3.30am (always worth it though when going to the airport!)  got ourselves checked in and headed for some breakfast.  We was departing from Terminal 1 this time so a bit more choice than T3!

Once we boarded the plane we got a brew to give us a boost of energy and relaxed for the 2 hour flight.  When we landed in Barcelona the sun was shining and was nice and warm compared to the weather we had left behind in England!  I had booked a private transfer so we got our luggage and went to find our taxi.

Our hotel was only a short 20 min ride from the airport and saw some sights along the way.  We were staying at The Mirror Hotel, which I would highly recommend.  On arrival the staff were very pleasant and spoke perfect English.  We got checked into our room and they gave us a map to help us navigate and highlighted some places to visit in our 4 day stay.

The concierge showed us to our room and talked us through the room, lighting shutters etc.

The hotel is full of mirrors, perfect for my partner and I as we love taking photos!

In the hotel there was also a mobile phone that was for us to use during our stay out and about in Barcelona, we could have used this for messages, calls and Facebook, but we just used it as google maps to help us navigate around the city.



We went for a stroll after unpacking and freshening up after the flight and found a beautiful Italian to have some lunch and sangria (my new favourite drink from the trip)

The sun was shining and about 12 degrees…perfect for a city break.

To end the first day we went back to the hotel for a shower and got changed then went to find somewhere to eat dinner and have a quiet evening as it had been quite a long day.


We walked down to the marina today which was about 30 minutes’ walk from the hotel.  On our way we walked past Gotic Quarter and stopped to see the buildings and take some photos.  This is where Gaudi’s cathedral is also.

The marina was beautiful and there was lots of yachts and a cruise liner sat in the dock which was nice to see.  From here you can also get a cable cart across the top of the city with some amazing views, we decided not to do this though on this trip.  We sat at a bar in front of the marina drinking sangria and watching the boats and helicopter rides go past.



On our walk back to the hotel we came across a Game of Thrones Exhibition.  We have both watched this on TV and Danny is a big fan so wanted to go and see what was in the exhibition.  We found another Italian for some lunch first as we hadn’t eaten much at breakfast so was really hungry.  The food in Barcelona is really nice and the sangria is made to perfection.

The exhibition was really good fun, it had a few bits where you could take photos and interact and it had a lot of the clothes worn by the cast and swords etc that they used in the films which was really interesting to see.

It didn’t take too long to get round it as it was really quiet (possibly as it was a Friday in January!) so we could take our time walking around and we didn’t have to queue up at all.



That evening we went to a lovely (but expensive) restaurant not far from our hotel called Boca Grande.  The food was amazing and the drinks were really nice.  We enjoyed a steak for 2 and it was definitely worth the money.  We also found a nice cocktail bar not too far away so we went to enjoy some cocktails.  The bar was really quiet but the restaurants were busy and probably what is expected for January, I can imagine in the summer the bars will be full of people both locals and tourists.

DAY 3 – Danny’s Birthday

I got up nice and early and went to get some Starbucks coffee and pastries from a local patisserie.  (I wouldn’t have got around without google maps!) and took it back to the hotel for us to enjoy in bed whilst he opened his gifts.

We then got ready for the day as we was going to Camp Nou for a tour around the stadium.  Unfortunately there was no games on this weekend but it was nice to go to the stadium anyway.

The stadium was a 45 minute walk from the hotel but in the sunshine and nice weather it wasn’t a bad walk.  We could have got a metro from near the hotel but we enjoy walking when we are away.

This wasn’t overly busy either at the time we went so we didn’t have to queue to get inside.  You are able to walk around on your own as it is all sign posted and taped off so you know the route to walk to see the stadium.  We got to go in the museum, sit in the stands and even sit in the seats at the front of the pitch where the managers and players sit.  I’m not that much into football myself but Danny is a big football fan so he loved spending his birthday here.

There was a lovely tapas restaurant outside the stadium ‘Tapas 24’ which we had a drink at before making the walk back to the hotel.  This took up most of our day as we was at the stadium for around 2 hours and the walk each way, but the sun was shining and we couldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else.

That night we went to the strip of bars and restaurants that was round the corner from the hotel and had a nice meal, we didn’t stay out too late as we had to be up in the morning to get checked out and back to the airport to return home.

We had an amazing time.  it was more relaxed than Paris and we didn’t do as much sightseeing but we will 100% return here in the future.

I hope you like my travel blogs and I will do more when we go away in the summer.

Thanks for reading…check out my instance for more pics




For Christmas Danny treated me to a 4 night break over New Year in Paris – I couldn’t contain my excitement.  I was planning for the days leading upto it the sights we would see, and getting recommendations on where to go from family and friends.  Keep reading to find out what we got upto and any recommendations.

For me a holiday starts at the airport – no matter what time it is.

We always get parked up and checked in then head for some food (on this occasion it was breakfast)  We was flying from Terminal 3 which is one we have never been in before and it is smaller than the other I thought.  Still enough choice of somewhere to eat and get some duty free shopping (of course it would have been rude of me not to buy some make up!)

We flew with Air France and the flight was just over an hour long.  We got a free muffin and drink of our choice, hot / cold or alcohol (of course we chose a rose wine)

On arrival at the airport we collected our luggage and we had a driver waiting to take us to the hotel and what an experience that was!!!  Terrifying……..

The driver was speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, cars were flashing at the driver and honking at us, one even chased us to rage at the driver.  Not a great start to the trip or a pleasant experience but we made it to the hotel in one piece!

We stayed at the Majestic Hotel & Spa and it was lovely.  Very welcoming and the staff were really friendly and helpful and spoke good English.

We got checked in and went to see our room.  The hotel is down a side street so no views from any of the room but we wasn’t too bothered about that as we would be going exploring in the next few days.

By the time we had checked in and got unpacked – we decided to go for a wander and find somewhere to eat that night and round the corner we saw the Eiffel Tower all lit up.  We found a nice restaurant that had some pizza and pasta so we decided to eat there and call it a night early ready for a full day of sightseeing the next day.

30th Dec 2017

Today we set off to do some sightseeing – we had a list of what we wanted to see and worked out we would have to do it over 2 days so I had planned out what we could see today.

Arc de Triomphe was at the end of the main road near our hotel so we went there first.  The queue was quite small to walk upto the top so we decided to go to the top.  I think it cost €12 each.  It was over 200 steps to the top but the views from the top were really nice and you could see for miles around Paris.

There is a bit of history near the top inside the building but we wasn’t overally interested in that and a lot of it was in French!



Next stop was the Eiffel Tower.  It was only a short walk away (about 25 mins) and there was a lot of queues when we got there.  You can pre book your tickets to go to the 1st or 2nd floor but if you want to go right to the top (somet) then you need to book on the day as this can be shut due to the weather.

The first queue we got in was to go through security.  There are then other queues for you to join to get tickets for the tower.  The security queue we was in for about 20 mins but the ones for tickets we was in for about 1.5 hour.  It was worth the wait though.  We got told in the queue that the top was closed due to the wind which disappointed us as we really wanted to go to the top, but when we got to the front of the line they advised it was open which was a nice surprise.  Tickets for this cost us €25 per person.

You can walk to the 1st and 2nd floor or get the lift – as we was going straight to the top first we got the lift up (as you cant walk all the way) it was very cold and windy but the views were amazing.  We treated ourselves to a glass of champagne at the top (€17 per glass!!) and took some amazing photos.  We then got the lift down to the 2nd floor to have a look around and we walked down to the first floor which has a glass bottom section, and got the lift back down to the bottom once we had finished.

We then took a walk down Ave Champs Elysees and did some shopping (after all it would be rude not too)  There is some pics of what I bought on my Instagram and can go into more details in another post if you want me to



31st Dec 2017 – New Years Eve

Today we had planned to do some more sight seeing and decided to get the metro.  I looked on google maps where we needed to go (which told me the metro station I needed to get from A to B) I could not have got around Paris without google maps – it’s a life saver!  The metro was so easy to use (nothing like in England!)  we got on and off at the stop we needed and it was an easy journey.  First stop was the Louvre and it was right outside the metro station.  We took some lovely photos and was going to go and look round inside but the queue was so big we decided not to as we was only there for a short time we wanted to do some more exploring.  We had a small wander around the area where the Lourve was and then hoped back on the metro to our next station to go and see Notre Dame.

We grabbed a starbucks on the way to keep us warm.  We aren’t people that are really interested in churches etc but we was told to go and visit so we walked from the station to Notre Dame and took some photos before going for a wander in the town as it looked busy and full of people and shops.

We wanted to go and see Sacre Couer but as we had already seen it from the top of Arc De Triomphe and didn’t really have the time to go another 2 metro rides to get there we decided not too.  I was told it was amazing and a go to place to see if you do ever go to Paris.

We then went back to the hotel to change and go and find somewhere to eat before seeing in the new year.  A lot of the restaurants were fully booked due to the time of year but we found one that we ate at on the first night and decided to go back as we had a lovely meal.  We then decided to go and find a spot where we could see the Tower to bring in the new year.  It was cold and we was stood outside for around 3 hours.  We was slightly disappointed in the fact that nothing happened at the tower for NYE.  We should have gone to Arc de Triomphe (at the end of our road) where they had lights, fireworks and a countdown!  As it is at the end of Champs Elysees they have a lot going on (although we didn’t know this and didn’t find much information of this on the internet before hand!)

We still had an amazing night seeing in the new year in PARIS!



1st Jan 2018

Cold and wet today and a lot of shops were closed, so we spent a lot of the day relaxing in the hotel before venturing out for some lunch when the rain stopped.  As it was our final night we went to try and find a different restaurant to eat dinner and there was one at the other end of our road (there is so much about and something different around every corner) so we ate there and had some lovely cocktails to end a perfect mini break away.

The next day we got collected at lunch time to be taken to the airport and the driver that collected us was a much more relaxing and calm driver so was a pleasant drive to the airport!

Would I recommend Paris.  100%

Would I return YES indeed

We loved every moment of it and I cant wait to go back one day.


What I Got For Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

I hope it was amazing for you all and you got what you truly deserve.

I know these posts / videos are very popular so I wanted to share with you what I got for Christmas.

This will only be a short post and is in no way to brag, I know some people are a lot less fortunate and I am very lucky to have received all the lovely gifts that I did.

From my amazing partner I got some Jimmy Choo perfume, soap and glory gift set, Jack Wills leggings and jumper, a Jo Malone Candle of our favourite scent and the MOST AMAZING surprise trip to PARIS!!! OMG I cannot believe it – we are going for 4 nights over New Year.  I was so surprised when I opened this!

I will be documenting as much as I can on Instagram and have got a camera to take to try and get some good photos of all the sights.

From my family I was also very lucky and got some more perfume and gift sets, some candles (as I love them), some wine  (I love that too!!) and myself, sister, mum and nana are all going to Ribby Hall Spa for a day of pampering.

Me and my bestie also got each other some lovely gifts and exchanged these before the big day!  She knows me very well and got me some very thoughtful gifts.  Kylie Jenner Lip Kit, a personalised scarf, soap and glory, a selfie light for my phone, a cure photo frame personalised for my desk and  lovely desk calendar and a new mug with a H on it.

Christmas is not only about giving and receiving gifts it is about spending time with the ones you love.  I am very lucky to have my friends and family around me at this time of year and an amazing Boyfriend, and my thoughts go out to those not as fortunate.

I hope you all have had a lovely 2017 but here is to a bigger and better year for us all in 2018 – who knows what the year will bring.  Maybe even a you tube channel!

My first post will be all about my trip to Paris.  Follow me in Instagram for daily updates whilst we are there 🙂

Happy New Year


New Products I Have Been Loving

  1.  Skin Clearing Mattifying Toner

Shake to activate the formula, removes all traces of make-up & impurities and leaves your skin with a matte finish.  I use this product morning and night before applying any other products.

  1.  Foaming Cleanser

This cleanser is soft and lightweight to use.  I use this daily when I have removed my make up as an extra step to leave my skin feeling fresh and clean

  1.  Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution

This product is a lightweight pre-serum that helps blemished skin.  It soothes and reduces redness.  I use this morning and night after the toner and I feel it helps my makeup stay in place as it mattifies my skin.

  1.  Tea Tree Oil

I find this great for when I break out.  I  apply each night on areas I feel need a bit more treatment & I feel it helps clear my skin  as it dries out any spots and reduces redness.

  1. Targeted Gel

This is great for on the go.  I use this in a morning on any blemishes / spots and it has a wand for easy precise application for spot treatment.  Also great to put in your bag and use throughout the day if needed.

  1. Night Lotion

I only got this recently to combine with all the other products and I do think it is quite good, although it is a lot more lightweight than other night moisturisers I have used.  If you do like something a bit thicker you could use this first to target problem areas and help control any excess oil in your skin at night then apply a thicker night moisturiser.

  1.  Nip & Fab Dragons Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot

This is an intense moisture concentrate to deeply hydrate skin and leave it looking plumper.

This can be used on its own or added to your moisturiser for extra hydration.  A little of this product goes a long way.  One drop added to moisturiser or 1 to 2 if applying on its own.  I use this day and night and find that if I apply after my day moisturiser it acts as a primer for helping my make up last longer.  It contains hyaluronic acid which maintains skin plumpness and is super hydrating  To help reduce fine lines for a younger looking complexion.

Unfortunately I went for a night away and this broke in my makeup bag so the bottle isn’t good for travelling.  I am gutted this happened as it isn’t a cheap product and had only used half of it 😀

  1.  Nip & Fab No Needle Fix Eye Cream

3 in  1 said to reduce puffiness, dark circles and expression lines.

I have been using this twice a day and it feels like a good hydrating product but I am yet to find something that really does reduce dark circles.




September favourites

Micellar water wipes – Bodycare 99p pack of 25

I have been loving these recently.  I started using them in a morning to freshen my face removing all creams from the night before if I was in a rush or to remove any excess make up before my night time routine, and I have now started using them to remove my make up.  They are really fresh and not drying at all on your face and easily remove all make up.  I find they even remove all of my mascara and eyeliner.  They are really affordable at 99p for 25 wipes, and I find I only use one a day before washing my face.


Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette – £39.50

This is the 6th Naked Palette from Urban Decay and when I saw that they were releasing another palette I knew I had to have it.  I tried to get it on pre release but they sold out instantly.  I managed to get it a day earlier than the actual release from an email I got from Urban Decay and I love it.

The shades are so pigmented as all of their other palettes and they come off as they do in the pan.

I find they really make my blue eyes pop.  They are great for wearing from day to night and a subtle or dramatic look can be created depending on your preference.  This will be my go to palette through autumn I am sure as they are really nice colours.  I have been looking at so many different tutorials on you tube to get some more ideas of looks I can re create.  A must have for anyone wanting some lovely warm shades.

The glitter/shimmer shades are lovely but if you use your brush with some fix plus (or any other primer spray) they really do have a great colour pay off.  100% worth the money as the palettes that they create do last a long time.

I also feel the packaging on this palette is the best so far as it is sturdy and great to travel with.


Soap and Glory – De Clog Mask – £4.00

Soap & Glory are one of my all-time favs for face and body products.  I always get the gift sets at Christmas and love all of the products, so when I boots and saw that Soap & Glory had some face masks on offer for 3 for 2 I had to try them and I was not disappointed.  There are 2 masks in the packet and they come in their own little tub.  And the best thing about them (for me anyway) is that they are bright pink J I LOVED IT.  It is a peel off mask which I love and comes with a little spatula which you can use to remove from the pot and apply to your face (although I did use my fingers to evenly spread the product)  I left if for about 15 mins for it to set and when it was time to remove it peeled off all at once.  A lot of face masks come off in bits so I was surprised by this one.  It left my skin feeling refreshed and smooth.  I used this before I went to bed after removing all my make up.  In the morning my skin still felt amazing and my make up applied really well.   I use a face mask at least once a week to keep my face feeling fresh and soft.


Victor & Rolf – Flowerbomb Perfume – 50ml £58

Airport shopping – who doesn’t love it, and what better treat to buy (apart from make up) than a new perfume before flying out to a sunny country.

I treated myself to this perfume for my hol and it was perfect.  It has a nice floral scent which is perfect for summer (or any other time of the year).  The scent is really refreshing and light perfect for a summers evening.

I have been looking at their perfume range for a while so I knew what I had to buy in the airport.  It is in quite a slim bottle so perfect for slipping into your handbag in an evening too for a little refresh throughout the night, although I never really felt I needed to but you can never smell too nice can you


Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation – shade Dawn – £32.50

I do have a couple of holy grail foundations that I always find myself going back to no matter what I try, and I had tried this foundation before but hated it.  I was in Boots one day and the lady on the counter asked if I had tried a sample of this foundation.  I told her I had purchased it before and didn’t like it.  This was a few years ago so she talked me into trying it again and I was pleasantly surprised.  She matched my colour perfectly from the 29 shades they have available.  I always have a range of shades of foundation to match me in winter and summer and whether or not I have tanned skin.  I found this shade is a good all round one for me.  It matches really well if I am not tanned but still blends nicely and doesn’t make me look pale when I am tanned as I just add some more bronzer to my skin and it works well.  I have been using this as my every day foundation at the moment and find it really easy to apply with a flat top kabuki brush from Zoeva.  It is a medium coverage but buildable for a more full coverage look.  I find if I want more coverage on a night out for example I apply with a beauty blender as this covers my skin better.  It doesn’t wear off during the day and has a slight mate finish to it without leaving your face looking flat.  It is long lasting as I often find my foundation comes off around my mouth and chin area and on my nose but this has been lasting really well so far.

I would recommend popping into your local boots and asking for a sample of this.  Although the samples look small it did last me around a week as a small amount of product does go a long way.  It is quick drying which I know some people don’t like but it works well for me and I think that might be why it doesn’t lose coverage as I am not moving the product when I apply powder over the top

The packing for this is really good but it doesn’t come with a pump.  I do believe you can buy these separately though. (link above £5)


LA Girl Pro Conceal HD High Definition Concealer – Shade Creamy Beige & Medium Bisque – £5

I had heard a lot of good reviews on this product on your tube so I had to try it.  I ordered mine from beauty bay for only £5.  They have a large range of colours which I did have to take a bit of a risk on ordering due to it being online but I didn’t do too badly.  I wanted a light shade to conceal / high light and a darker one for contour.  The shades I picked work really well.  The contour shade is a cool tone so perfect for a natural contour.

I really like how it comes with a brush on the end and in a squeeze tube for application.  If I want a more precise application I put some of the product on the back of my hand and apply with a brush but for the contour the brush on the end of it works well.  It is really creamy so blends out really well.  I usually use a beauty blender with mine.  This product is really affordable too and has a great range of shades to choose from.


Kat Von D – Lock It Powder

I saw mixed reviews on this product but I had run out of my Laura Mercier setting powder when this was released so thought I would give it a try.  I really love the packaging on this it feels good quality.  I purchased from Debenhams for £22 which is cheaper than Laura Mercier (although I can’t find the link to it there any more)  I do feel you get a lot of products for your money.  I have been using this daily to set my face with and I really like it.  It is long wearing and controls shine / oil.  I haven’t used it to bake as I haven’t really been doing that much lately (on a daily basis) but with a large powder brush for setting my foundation it works well.  I would recommend trying this as it is a translucent powder so doesn’t add any extra colour, and teamed with my double wear foundation my make up has been lasting the day.


Holiday Diaries


Holiday Diaries July 2017

Protur Roquetas De Mar

Almeria, Spain

For our summer holiday this year we booked an 11 night stay in Southern Spain. We booked it through Thomson as we like to go all-inclusive so that all our drinks and food are included.  We don’t eat in the hotel in the evening as we like to venture out into the area and see what bars and restaurants are on offer.  We pay for all-inclusive so that we can enjoy a nice breakfast, lunch and snacks and can have drinks all day round the pool whether they are soft drinks, alcohol or a nice refreshing bottle of water to cool down. Continue reading “Holiday Diaries”